Palmistry 3 - Hand Shapes


There are four basic hand shapes and distinct hand shapes can reveal quite a bit of basic information about a person.  That being said, hand shapes are only occasionally distinct enough to warrant notice during a palm reading.  Most of us have ‘mutt’ hand shapes that are some middling combination of the four basic shapes.  However, it is important to be able to recognize the main hand shapes because when a pure-ish type DOES appear, it gives you loads of information about the person you are reading.

It is easiest, and most accurate, to try to think of the hand shape as having the personality of the element that describes it.

An earth hand type is fleshy and strong.  It almost appears to be made of clay.  It shows a square palm in which the width of the palm is about equal to the length.  Fingers are meaty and short, being no more than ¾ the length of the palm.  Lines are simple, often deep as if carved into the palm and strong as well.  An earth hand is more likely to be what is called an ‘empty hand.’  This means that only the main lines are present and the palm presents with an abundance of clear skin unmarked by shallow, criss-crossing lines.

You will see a lot of similarity in the description of an earth hand and a hand with coarse skin texture.  Not surprisingly, the two are often found on the same owner.  But since this is not always the case, it is good to know the characteristics distinctly.  Below is a listing of earth hand characteristics.

Loves manual activities
Enjoys the out-of-doors
Physical drives are strong
Tends to repress emotions
Admires practicality and stability
Trusts tried-and-true methods vs. innovation
Technology and change are only accepted when proven useful
Old preferred vs. new

“built-to-last” “solid” are good descriptors for the earth hand

An air hand is less meaty than an earth hand and though it also sports a square palm with the width of the palm about equal to the length, the fingers are significantly longer and do not give a short, stubby or sausage-like appearance.  Fingers on an air hand are almost 7/8 the length of the palm and tend to be thinner and more elegant than fingers on the earth hand.  An air hand’s lines are also clear and strong, though not necessarily as deep as the carved-looking ones of the earth hand.  An air hand is more likely to be a ‘full’ or ‘busy hand’ with many fine extraneous lines running here and there across the palm.

Air hands:

Enjoy a lot of personal space
Freedom loving
A ‘systems’ person
Avoids emotionalism as it interferes with mental understanding
Loves ideas, analysis and contemplation
Abstract ideas are preferred to concrete or physical ones
Rationality valued over emotions

“free thinker” “abstract thinker” are good phrases to describe an air hand

A fire hand is one with a rectangular palm where the length of the palm is clearly greater than the width.  The fingers on a fire hand are short (no more than ¾ the length of palm) and the lines are often reddish in color and have a generally vertical presentation in the hand... that is, originating from the wrist and flowing up towards the fingers.  Fire hands are also apt to be ‘full’ or ‘busy hands’ but this is not a requirement.  Some schools of palmistry identify a fire hand as one having a bulging of the bottom of the palm opposite the thumb.  This appears as a slight to moderate protrusion over the wrist.  Though this bulging will alert you to a fire hand, the lack of a distinct bulge doesn't mean that the palm is not a fire hand.  If the palm is rectangular with short fingers, bulge or no bulge, it is likely a fire hand.

Fire hand characteristics are:
Mobile and dynamic, not a sit-arounder
They're likely to define themselves by their job/role
They are bored easily
Find it hard to relax
Like stylish, challenging activities
Like ‘insider’ lingo
Are risk-takers

“action hero” “reactive” describe fire hands

Of all the hand types, a water hand is possibly the most easy to identify and the most rare.  Rectangular palm and long graceful fingers (at least 7/8 the length of the palm) make this hand appear like it belongs on a mermaid or a space alien.  The lines are often fine and myriad on water hands and are almost never deep.

With water hands:
Relationship concerns dominate
They have vivid imaginations
Emotional intelligence dominates over rational intelligence
Industrious when emotions engaged
Naturally avoid conflict, competition, harsh regimens and strict discipline
Strives to bridge barriers between people
Fosters cooperation

“sympathetic” “sensitive” are words that describe water hands

Try to get comfortable with the earth, air, fire, water tetrology outlined here.  It should sound a good deal like the discussion of skin quality types and you will see many similarities when we discuss finger print types in a later tutorial.

Until next time, Luckyearthlings!


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